Jai’rin and Ku’hara

Names: Jai’rin and Ku’hara

Ages: Around 23 billion, they are fox spirits.

Looks: Jai’rin is the brother, his hair is white with black tips, always tied back in a pony with strands popping out everywhere. White ears pop from his head and a a red symbol marks his forehead. Tall stature and pale skin complete his look. Ku’hara is the sister, she has the same color hair that is long and feathery. Her ears are slightly larger for a bright green orb floats between them. The same red symbol marks her forehead as well and she is only a few inches shorter than her twin brother.

Skills: Jai’rin is a master of the sword and melee combat. Ku’hara is skilled with the magic arts.

Spiritual Foxes

Spiritual Foxes

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