Upon the Wysmer Academies

Ashe, she’s a sorceress of black arts. She has hidden her powers well but a sudden and tragic slip up happened and she had to move states. On a summer morning a letter arrived in the mail inviting her to a school for magic wielders. She scoffed at the idea and threw the letter away only to find it on her kitchen counter when she entered her home. She narrowed her eyes and burned it, yet again finding it in the same spot. This time it was marked in bright bold red lettering, DO NOT THINK ABOUT DISCARDING OR DESTROYING THIS LETTER AGAIN!! 

At that point she considered the school and within weeks was enrolled without a single thought or hesitation. What adventures has she gotten herself into. 

  • Provide a name for yourself
  • Provide a spell class for yourself
  • Provide a picture for yourself
  • Provide a rough personality for you to gradually reveal to others
  • Provide an age for yourself
  • Provide a spell tomb

Rules/RP Points

  1. No killing others, near death experiences only. 
  2. Spell tombs cannot be used if not yours. However spells can be copied and made to your own preference. 
  3. If you start you must finish. Do not jut write a few times and suddenly disapper. Is flipping annoying. 
  4. Nothing sexual, closed doors are closed doors. Romance is aloud. 
  5. Keep spell classes reasonable and not godly. Your power should have a polar weakness like fire to water, light to dark, and vice versa. 
  6. The picture don’t always have to be your character, just a basic look alike I suppose. 
  7. Your in a school, from elementary to college. The school grounds is very large so keep that in mind. 
  8. Ages can range from being 10 to 25. A fifteen year difference so DO NOT clutter in one age profile. 
  9. The weather there is unpredictable, however, unless a spell is cast upon the sky, wintery weather never forms. 
  10. I won’t be strict with the rules but please consider them. 

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