The Reaper’s Daughter

My name is Valerie, I am the daughter of Death, better know as dad to me. I have three older brothers; James aka Fear, Thomas aka Chaos, and Drew aka Dread. Two aunts that I rarely see so I wont bother with their names, they are War and Destruction. This week father has thought it would be beneficial for us if we experienced the life of a human, what a thrill it was when he announced he was sending us to live with mother in the Overworld. We love our mother but we hate the Overworld, and as he shoved us through the gate of the Underworld it transported us to her front door.

“What a dunce, I guess we should knock.” James raised his hand and knocked. His fist sounded like thunder echoing in the house behind the door and soon a maid opened it with a smile.

“Ah! James, Thomas, Drew, Valerie. We were expecting you.” Her name was Lisa, she had bright red hair and a strip of freckles across her nose and cheeks. sparkling green eyes invited us inside and she led us at the base of some stairs. “Wait here and I will fetch your mother.” She bows and walks up the stairs. Thomas clicks his tongue and licks his lips.

“Shes become quite a prize over these few years.” I rolled my eyes. Chaos always had list running through his veins and i crossed my arms, ignoring his sexual comments.

Click clack our mother arrives at the top of the stairs. Time has not touched her beauty as she smiles and descends the stairs, black curls cascading down her back from a pony and bouncing with each step. She wore a casual white tee shirt stained with paint of all colors. Her glistening pale skin was dotted with the same few colors as she attempted to wipe away the oily substance. She was like a painted angel as she reached the lower stair and finally made a sound.

“Look at how much you four have grown! Last I seen you was a decade ago when your father helped me into the Overworld.” She out stretches her arms and hugs each and every one of us. She smelled of varnish and musky flowers when she came to me. I wanted to yank myself away but I returned her hug lightly, not use to this custom.

This was defiantly weird and made my skin crawl with the maggots of hell. I was uncomfortable but looked at my brothers, they were so accustom to this it made me question just how many times they entered the Overworld. James and Drew conversed with mother, they seem to be discussing what and why they were there. Thomas chased after a few annoyed maids trying to do chores with a 8′ giant in their way. I stood off to the side and shifted my weight around. Curling into a ball was a good idea, but I needed knowledge about this world. Joining into the conversation i listened to the debate.

“Your going to live here for a few years.” Mother waves her hand some.

“That’s not a problem, Thomas seems to be enjoying the fruits of the world. Drew and I will work hard. Only problem is…” All eyes turned on me and I shrivel into nothing. I should have curled into that ball earlier, because what was about to come to me was going to change my life.

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