The Reaper’s Daughter

My name is Valerie, I am the daughter of Death, better know as dad to me. I have three older brothers; James aka Fear, Thomas aka Chaos, and Drew aka Dread. Two aunts that I rarely see so I wont bother with their names, they are War and Destruction. This week father has thought it would be beneficial for us if we experienced the life of a human, what a thrill it was when he announced he was sending us to live with mother in the Overworld. We love our mother but we hate the Overworld, and as he shoved us through the gate of the Underworld it transported us to her front door.

“What a dunce, I guess we should knock.” James raised his hand and knocked. His fist sounded like thunder echoing in the house behind the door and soon a maid opened it with a smile.

“Ah! James, Thomas, Drew, Valerie. We were expecting you.” Her name was Lisa, she had bright red hair and a strip of freckles across her nose and cheeks. sparkling green eyes invited us inside and she led us at the base of some stairs. “Wait here and I will fetch your mother.” She bows and walks up the stairs. Thomas clicks his tongue and licks his lips.

“Shes become quite a prize over these few years.” I rolled my eyes. Chaos always had list running through his veins and i crossed my arms, ignoring his sexual comments.

Click clack our mother arrives at the top of the stairs. Time has not touched her beauty as she smiles and descends the stairs, black curls cascading down her back from a pony and bouncing with each step. She wore a casual white tee shirt stained with paint of all colors. Her glistening pale skin was dotted with the same few colors as she attempted to wipe away the oily substance. She was like a painted angel as she reached the lower stair and finally made a sound.

“Look at how much you four have grown! Last I seen you was a decade ago when your father helped me into the Overworld.” She out stretches her arms and hugs each and every one of us. She smelled of varnish and musky flowers when she came to me. I wanted to yank myself away but I returned her hug lightly, not use to this custom.

This was defiantly weird and made my skin crawl with the maggots of hell. I was uncomfortable but looked at my brothers, they were so accustom to this it made me question just how many times they entered the Overworld. James and Drew conversed with mother, they seem to be discussing what and why they were there. Thomas chased after a few annoyed maids trying to do chores with a 8′ giant in their way. I stood off to the side and shifted my weight around. Curling into a ball was a good idea, but I needed knowledge about this world. Joining into the conversation i listened to the debate.

“Your going to live here for a few years.” Mother waves her hand some.

“That’s not a problem, Thomas seems to be enjoying the fruits of the world. Drew and I will work hard. Only problem is…” All eyes turned on me and I shrivel into nothing. I should have curled into that ball earlier, because what was about to come to me was going to change my life.

The Captain and Xzilia – Part Two.

Book 2


It’s amazing how a story created by two writers can suddenly take on a life of it’s own.  The Captain and Xzilia; a collaborative piece – is now in it’s second installment, with a new and exciting twist of events.  Not all is what is seems.  Written over eight hours, dreamcircle125 and I are proud of the results.  Please enjoy, part two.

Genre – Fantasy, Vampires, Time travel, sci-fi and vampires.

RB-  Louis stood with his arms folded as he regarded the woman who had not only taken them from the reality of the modern day world, but from the shadow realm to her own time.  It was not exactly what he had planned, but she was not exactly what she seemed to be either.  A witch perhaps?  More than a simple Vampire that was for sure.  Able to time travel as well.  This was starting to add…

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The Captain and Xzilla.



A new fantasy story that is a collaborative with dreamcircle125 of wordpress.  

RB:   The roar of the motorcycle powering down the city lane was heard from quite a distance away.  Punters for the local club were lined up for a night of dancing and drink.  It was Saturday night – not to mention a full moon was out.  The city streets shrouded in a light mist as fog rolled in from the wharves.  The blazing headlight of the motorcycle grew larger, illuminating the shivering club goers.  The tempretures of late had been just above freezing, as the continued snow fall had blanketed the city.  
The harley pulled up just at the curb, in between two cars and the rider backed it in to park on an angle, the engine giving a last growl before he shut the engine off.  The rider slowly removed his helmet, to reveal a shock…

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Jai’rin and Ku’hara

Names: Jai’rin and Ku’hara

Ages: Around 23 billion, they are fox spirits.

Looks: Jai’rin is the brother, his hair is white with black tips, always tied back in a pony with strands popping out everywhere. White ears pop from his head and a a red symbol marks his forehead. Tall stature and pale skin complete his look. Ku’hara is the sister, she has the same color hair that is long and feathery. Her ears are slightly larger for a bright green orb floats between them. The same red symbol marks her forehead as well and she is only a few inches shorter than her twin brother.

Skills: Jai’rin is a master of the sword and melee combat. Ku’hara is skilled with the magic arts.

Spiritual Foxes

Spiritual Foxes

Its a Book – Chapter 1 [WIP]

A dark morning began and within my room an alarm rang out like a siren. I jolted myself awake from a somewhat pleasant dream and hurriedly smacked the off button with a scowl. It was past 5 a.m. and I groaned rolling my tired ass outta bed. Feet planted firmly onto the floor I stood and staggered out the door. Running water came to my ears and they twitched with excitement. I started to wake up now as I stripped outta my pajamas and stepped under the fiery waters that rained upon me. Soap lathered and cleaned my skin and shampoo bubbled in my hair, before I knew it I was finished and wrapping a towel around my body. As I exited the bathroom the smell of breakfast further hastened my speed. I got dressed in black school attire, brushed my pinkish red hair, and rushed downstairs to greet my parents.

My father was at the counter preparing breakfast. He was around 6’ and had a massive body of muscle. Nimble fingers and swift movements he chopped vegetables and tossed them in an omelet, folding it with skill. My mother however was smiling happily at me and kissed my forehead sweetly, leading me from staring at the omelet to a chair at the table.

“Are you ready for your first day dear?” she has a sing song voice about her, something that was a melody in others ears. But for me it was normal as I nodded politely.

“Yeah, but I’m still nervous about it. Not really wanting to go to a school like this one.” I bit my lip, it wasn’t that I hated the school but more so that they would hate me. After all I am a demon form further than the depths of hell itself.

Father placed my omelet in front of me and handed one to my mother too. “Being nervous is okay, that is normal around here. But you have to conquer that feeling and turn it into something you can use later on.” He chuckled at my baffled expression and stroked my hair. “You’ll see soon enough, for now lets eat.” He sat down and we began to eat.

Mother gave me my lunch as I prepared to leave. Father gave me encouraging words and set me off with a goodbye wave. I began walking down the sidewalk towards the school, but as I got closer and further into the growing crowd of students I could hear the whispers. What a F-R-EAK! Are those…horns? Maybe shes cosplaying. Weirdo girl! After a while I stopped walking and lowered my head, this was a bad mistake. I should have never agreed to this change in my life so blindly, but I was so angry at my real father that I thought living with my mother would be better. I looked up and notice people staring at me like some caged zoo animal. I didn’t know what to do so I put on a disgusted face and rushed inside to find the school office.

Chimes rang across the school and homeroom was about to begin. I missed three classes trying to get situated at the office and explain my horns, it was a disaster! Almost fizzled out I was guided by a quiet teacher to my homeroom, class 1-B. the moment she slid the classroom door open I could feel the silence and eyes ready to judge me before I even walked into the room.

“Oh! Hello Ms. Yota what brings you here?” There was a tall woman, in her late twenties, standing at the front of the room holding a study book. She smiled at the teacher then her eyes caught hold of me and she raised an eyebrow. “I wasn’t notified that I was getting a new student.”

“You wasn’t supposed to, but Mr. Tagamato refused to accept the young lady into his class. I can assume you know why.” Her voice was serious in tone and she seemed very peeved about the other teacher’s refusal. But the young teacher smiled again and nodded towards me.

“He is a stickler about perfection in his class. But come on in, welcome to class.” Yota nudged me into the classroom and closed the door behind me. Knees clattering I walked to the front of the class as told by the teacher. I heard snickers and whispers and gossip, they all had some type of gossip as I was told to introduce myself.

“My name is Xzilia Fuwa, I come from a land deeper than hell itself.” And the class started laughing. It was a thunderous sound and I bit my lip as the teacher places her hand on my shoulder.

“Now class, if you further yourself in mindless laughter you can all study a five page essay about Macbeth written in Latin.”

And they all quieted immediately, only a few grumbles and whines as she introduced herself as Mrs. Hotara and instructed me to find an open seat. Second row from the back and right next to the window I sat quietly getting a nasty glare from some girl across the room. I raised an eyebrow and shrugged it off as someone passed me a classroom issued notebook from the front. With a quiet thanks from the boy in front of me I take it and purposefully ignore is charming smile. Cracking it open to the first page I begin to take notes for the rest of the class until lunch comes along. My desk is surrounded by a group of girls before I have a chance to stand up.

“Who do you think you are? You cant frolic into this school wearing cosplay and declaring your from ‘hell’.” It was the girl from before, she had the most annoying voice, uptight and snooty like some rich girl. I eyed her questionably as her girl posse snickers and backs her up. I sighed heavily, I was hoping to have a easy going and peaceful lunch but trouble is always around, I stand.

“If you could excuse me, I am going to eat. If you want to pick and bother me you will have to find a much better way of doing it.” I collected my things and shoved passed, lunch in the class would be impossible maybe out in the court would prove fruitful. I found an empty bench and sat down, unfolding my bento lunch in my lap. I began to eat and halfway through I hear footsteps from behind, have they returned? I glance backwards and notice its just two teachers walking by discussing school work. With a sigh I turn back around and jump, a boy stood right in front of me glaring down at me with cold eyes.

“Can I help you?” I questioned looking around, where did he come from? He only grumbled and sat himself next to me without a word. I was a bit surprised at this boy, looking over at his shrouded body and messy school uniform. My eye twitched at this, one because he was so informal with his uniform and two, why did her choose to sit here? I just turned back to my lunch and kept eating as I felt feeling daggers stab into my head.

When the chimes rang for the end of lunch I made my way to homeroom and slid the door open. A once loud chatting room went instantly silent as she felt daggers again. Ah so this is where the daggers came from, but they feel stronger. I rub my arm and make my way to my desk right as the teacher walked in. People hustled to their seats and seem to be better behaved for this teacher.

“Time for class! Sit quietly, take out your notes, and be prepared for attendance!!” the male teacher demanded order as he pulled out the roster and looked it over once. “A new student? Stand!” When he sees me his brow furrows in anger and those snooty girls snicker. Somebody’s in trouble. It was their word as the teacher stormed over to me. “Young lady! This is not an anime convention, take those ridiculous horns off this instant!”

“But sir, I cannot they are a part of me.” His face grows red and I am sent to the hall. “What a grumpy man. Being sent out here for no reason.” I cross my arms and drum my fingers soundlessly until I notice that same shrouded boy striding down the hall. He pauses in front of me and smirks before walking onward. What the hell was that about?! I scowl at him.

Upon the Wysmer Academies

Ashe, she’s a sorceress of black arts. She has hidden her powers well but a sudden and tragic slip up happened and she had to move states. On a summer morning a letter arrived in the mail inviting her to a school for magic wielders. She scoffed at the idea and threw the letter away only to find it on her kitchen counter when she entered her home. She narrowed her eyes and burned it, yet again finding it in the same spot. This time it was marked in bright bold red lettering, DO NOT THINK ABOUT DISCARDING OR DESTROYING THIS LETTER AGAIN!! 

At that point she considered the school and within weeks was enrolled without a single thought or hesitation. What adventures has she gotten herself into. 

  • Provide a name for yourself
  • Provide a spell class for yourself
  • Provide a picture for yourself
  • Provide a rough personality for you to gradually reveal to others
  • Provide an age for yourself
  • Provide a spell tomb

Rules/RP Points

  1. No killing others, near death experiences only. 
  2. Spell tombs cannot be used if not yours. However spells can be copied and made to your own preference. 
  3. If you start you must finish. Do not jut write a few times and suddenly disapper. Is flipping annoying. 
  4. Nothing sexual, closed doors are closed doors. Romance is aloud. 
  5. Keep spell classes reasonable and not godly. Your power should have a polar weakness like fire to water, light to dark, and vice versa. 
  6. The picture don’t always have to be your character, just a basic look alike I suppose. 
  7. Your in a school, from elementary to college. The school grounds is very large so keep that in mind. 
  8. Ages can range from being 10 to 25. A fifteen year difference so DO NOT clutter in one age profile. 
  9. The weather there is unpredictable, however, unless a spell is cast upon the sky, wintery weather never forms. 
  10. I won’t be strict with the rules but please consider them. 

The End

Beginning of a new end, show me the light of darkness, the death of life, the falling of a rising sun. Is this bliss or the disgression of disappointment of my life. 

I sit on this bench as the life around me turns to chaos. It’s not a visible chaos but one that people feel. 

Be aware of the circumstances around you and take action. Join in on the chaos. 


In the center if a dark room sits a body; cold, bare, and coated thick in dark solitude. Knees to it’s chest, chin rested upon the the lifeless brown eyes stare at the floor. The heart pounds against it’s boney chest as if it was a freight train trying to escape. Every painful memory brings this feeling of agony, tears, regret, and confusion. 

The agony of loosing what was so close. Finding out the harsh reality hidden behind a happy daydream. Discovering the skeleton secrets in their dusty closet. 

The tears that flow hot over the dirty black skin. Wallowing in reminiscent memory fragments. Wanting what it always dreamed of having. 

The regret of making it’s bold decisions without though though. Acting out of pure emotion and not out of thought process. The regret of doubting, hoping, wanting so hard. 

And finally the confusion it has after everything else. The self doubting, the wrenching pain of being alone. All part of something it couldn’t see. What happened?